China airport development has caught the world’s attention by its astonishing growing rate. According to the 12th five year plan, China will increase the number of airport from 175 to 220, including four major airports and dozens of regional hubs which covers the most regions of China. And new expansion projects will be under construction in existing airports to raise its transportation capacity and operation performance.


Following the successful 6th Annual China Airport Summit in Sanya, 7th Annual China Airport Summit is going to be held in Shanghai in March 2012. The conference will feature the most prominent industry leaders and government officials from across the globe to provide informative and inspiring discussions. It will allow both speakers and attendees to hear and exchange the best solutions to problems addressing airports with top experts and discover new strategies and technologies that can be taken away and applied to individual airports across the world.

Very informative, well-organized event”
- Losberger Shanghai Co Ltd


The activities promote communication between the airports, airlines and airport equipment
and facility providers.”
-Shanghai Airport Group Co Ltd


This event has provided us with very good contacts and a platform in which to strengthen communication between each other.”
-Ningbo Lishe International Airport


Very good”

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